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Overview of Our Research

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We are contributing in the fight to eradicate cancer

We are using targeted lipid nanoparticles, TLNs, to selectively bring chemotherapy only to cancer and avoid healthy tissues. TLNs eradicate cancer with minimal adverse-effects.  Our goal is to extend and enhance the quality of life of patients. 

Scientist in the Lab

Delivering the Chemotherapy Only to Tumor

DoricPharma has a patented drug delivery platform that uses targeted lipid nanoparticles, TLNs, to deliver chemotherapeutics selectively only to tumors, sparing the healthy organs. TLNs maintain prolonged concentrations of chemotherapeutics in tumors while improving their therapeutic efficacy and reducing their adverse effects.


TLNs in Pancreatic Cancer

The TLNs drug delivery technology has been shown to target pancreatic tumors in mice, deliver the drug over an extended period of time, and significantly reduce or obliterate orthotopic or subcutaneous orthotopic tumors in mice.

The Team


Mike Nicolaou, PhD

CEO and Manager of Operations

Dr Nicolaou is a Pharmaceutical Chemist with 23 years of industrial experience in pharmaceutical industry. He has worked in the areas of product development, manufacturing and quality control and contributed to four new commercial pharmaceutical products in the areas of diabetes and metabolic diseases, and a vaccine product currently in clinical trials in the area of oncology.

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